13 February 2011

How to Add Link Exchang Code in Blogger or Wordpress

Someone has sent email to Kang Rohman. He asked on how to make Link Exchanging Code in blog and now I will try to explain it. I hope that this information is useful for you and for others who haven’t known about this thing.

In order to make Link Exchanging Code, most bloggers use small banner or called chicklet as the logo of their blog. That is why I will try to explain it from making chicklet until finish. To make a chicklet, you can use any design and graphic software, such as photo shop, corel draw, and others. You can’t only use silent chicklet but also animated chicklet for Link Exchanging Code. It all depends on you and your skills in making chicklet.

For you who don’t have any time or lazy to make chicklet, you can use free chicklet maker and one of them is http://www.chicklette.net/chicklet-maker. Through this site, you can define the color and the text you want. And when you are finished to make it, you can save the chicklet in your computer.

It was the first step, the second step is to upload the chicklet file into a file hosting whether it is in blogger or other hosting. To upload picture, I often explain but read here if you are still confused. If the picture uploading is finished, you need to note or copy the URL address of the picture. For example, the URL address of this chicklet blog is


Next; you should make a link code from that URL address. See below code as an example;

Ok, the link above is only a sample to make a link for this blog. If you want to make a link for your blog, just change the code ok!!!

After having the link code, next you need to make a text area to accommodate the whole code so that your readers or visitors can copy the link code. The text area code is as shown below;

Ok, so far we have done some steps, the next step is to arrange the code above, for example, you want the link exchanging code to be under the chicklet picture so it looks nicer, the code is as below;

Link Exchange

Copy code below 

And below is the result
Link Exchange
Copy the code below and insert to your blog,

To manage the height and the width, you simply change the value of rows and cols.

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