03 March 2011

How to remove Password of RAR or zip File

How to remove Password of RAR or zip File

Almost everyone knows how to compress rar folders and files.But do you know how to password protected rar files.For data security,or you do not want others to view the contents of your files,it is necessary to password protect the file.Open the compressed file by double clicking on it.From the File menu,choose “Advanced”,and click “Set password”

Now,you can enter your password.
Note:Create a strong password you can remember.There are many ways to create a long,complex password, Here is one way that may make remembering it easier:

1. Start with a sentence or two (about 10 words total). Think of something meaningful to you,long and complex password are saftest and keep you file secret.
2. Turn your sentences into a row of letters.You can use the first letter of each word.
3. Add length with numbers,punctuation or symbols.

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