18 March 2011

Top 20 Stylish Addons For Mozilla Firefox Browser

 Top 20 Stylish Addons For Mozilla Firefox Browser

Mozilla Firefox is a flagship brand in browser’s world which is being used across the globe. Internet users always look for the best web browser and they pick up Mozilla Firefox to meet their requirement while online surfing. We can say choosing Firefox is undoubtedly intelligent decision.
Probably you may know, Firefox able to bring number of choice to add various customized plug-in to make your web browser completely personalized in a well desired manner along with minimum loading delay. We have search out best and available add-ons, eye catching themes, improved buttons, more excellent tabs and other features among a great variety of plug-in for Firefox. You can choose these selections to beautify your Mozilla Firefox. So hurry up make a future decision about how it looks!

1. Firefox Personas

2. AniWeather


3. ColorfulTabs

colorful tabs

4. ChromaTabs Plus


5. Walnut for Firefox


6. Integrated Gmail

Intergeted gmail

7. about:kittens


8. Browser Backgrounds


9. Tree Style Tab

tree style tab

10. PinkTheme


11. Canvas


12. Aero Big


13. iPhox


14. NASA Night Launch


15. New Tab King

new tab king

16. Screen Capture Elite

Screen capture elite

17. QuickJava


18. Personal Menu

Personal Menu

19. FastestFox

fastest fox

20. FoxTab 1.3

Fox tab

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