06 April 2010

How to move the place of oldest posts and newest posts or next and previous links in blogger

We're going to customize our Blogger footer a bit. To be
more precise, the links Newer Post, Home and Older Post that we can find on the
very bottom of the post.


For those who do not know, Newer Post, Home and Older Post are links that appear
on the bottom of the posts. When visitors click on, lets say, Older Posts, it
will take them to the Page with the set of your previous posts.

The number (set) of the posts on this page will be the same as the number of the
Posts on your main page (don't think that a click on the Older Posts will open
ALL of your Posts!)

You can adjust the number of the posts on the main page going to

LAYOUT ► PAGE ELEMENTS ► and clicking on Edit in the BLOG POSTS box.....


It is. This is a great navigation tool for your visitors. If you make these
links more visible and eye catching, people will click on them, and will be
dragged into the maze of your Blog posts...and stay there forever and ever...

Ok, seriously, I suggest doing this.


This is a fun part. You can customize these links in Blogger in a few ways:

► changing the place of Newer, Older, Home links

◄Switch the places of the links►

If you find the position of Newer/Older post awkward (I do), you can switch
their places easily.
Making Newer posts appear on the RIGHT side, and
Older posts on the LEFT side (like a book). To do this, go to:
LAYOUT ► EDIT HTML, and find the following part in
code (CSS style):

#blog-pager-newer-link {

float: $startSide;


#blog-pager-older-link {

float: $endSide;


...just switch the float style, so it will look like this:

#blog-pager-newer-link {

float: $endSide;


#blog-pager-older-link {

float: $startSide;


...Ok, this is really 100 Percent Working....

If you need help, or have some ideas, ask and share...

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