24 March 2011

How To Rename Multiple Files in Windows

How To Rename Multiple Files in Windows

1. Select all the files which you want to rename. You may use Ctrl key and mouse clicking on different files you like to select.

2. Right click on any one file and select rename. You may alternately do this by selecting File > Rename or even simply by pressing F2.

3. Only one file will be selected for renaming, enter the desired file name and hit enter.

4. All files will be renamed with same name but they differ in the way that the names will be filename (x), where x is the number varying from 1 to number of files-1. The file which got you the option of renaming will be having the name you entered without the number.

Say you enter a name learnhackz by selecting 5 files in a single folder, the file names will be learnhackz, learnhackz (1), learnhackz (2), learnhackz (3), learnhackz (4).

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