03 June 2012

Tekken 3 Free Download PC Game for XP

Tekken 3 Free Download PC Game for XP
Tekken 3 Free Download is a great fighting game for Personal Computer especially for Windows XP to play this beautiful free game and enjoy your free time. Takken 3 is a free fighting game which is played through keyboard  or gamepad to control the various actions of the player like kick, box and power. Tekken 3 is also arcade game to complete all the missions step by step, then fight against ogre at the last then you will win and end the game with your favorite player. Tekken 3 is a free game that is provided by Namco systems. Tekken 3 starts with first round then second and at last the third round is started. The player should win 2 rounds out of 3 to qualify to the next match. All the rounds are free style playing mood rounds to fight against computer or opposite (2nd player) and win your rounds as well to qualify for the next matches. There are 24 total players in this game. there are 2 ogre's that fight against you at the end of the match just like final match. Tekken 3 included the sound system in this game to provide more fun to the kids as well to the elders. The sound is listen the player just like a real kick, box or combo is used. Tekken 3 allows the players to use there powers and combos to win against the opposite player as soon as possible to clear the match till the end of the takken 3 game.

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