28 February 2011

How to Change Text Color in HTML Webpage

How to Change Text Color in HTML Webpage

  1. How to Build the font Color Html: The font tag (with the color attribute) is constructed like this:
In the above picture the code #ABCDEF is a color code that is used to make a coloring text in html.
  1. The text you want to change color goes here.
    You must insert your color in the font code area that says INSERT COLOR.

  2. Choose Best font color: There are many considerations to be made here. First, you must know what color you want your text to be. Deciding this should be the result of a consideration of the color scheme of your website -- it is easier to design a webpage when you have the general setup and color scheme already decided. Second, you must decide what format you want your color information to be. 
<FONT COLOR="#RRGGBB"(The code of color that you want to display>

RGB stands for RedGreenBlue

Any color you may changed in color tag html command.

that starts with <font> and ends with </font>

If you want to display back ground color so you add this html command:

<body bgcolor="#RRGGBB"(The code of color that you want to display>

that starts with <body bgcolor> and ends with </body>

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