25 March 2011

How to Get More and Maximum Back Links in Very Short Time

How to Get More and Maximum Back Links in Very Short Time

I know that for a new blog or website it is not good to build backlink very fast. My evergreen backlink building strategy is commenting on dofollow blogs and it is work best for me,  I not only get backlink but also get traffic by commenting on blog. Till now I am not getting traffic from search engine but I am getting traffic from referral source. Right now I am getting good traffic from Blogengage (http://www.blogengage.com/) community, I am actively using this community, I want to say thanks to Bbrain for helping us for promote our blog post on his community.

Well I did not do any special for build such a huge amount of link within a few days. I am just commenting on other blogs and you know that by commenting on blogs it is not possible to build 1000 backlink within a few days.

I have mentioned the reason below

1. The very huge amount of link I am getting from my link exchange partner. I have link exchanged with some of my blogger friend on my previous blogspot blog, now I placed their link on this work at home blog and requested them for update my link on their blog. The good point is that I am getting link from each post of their blog.

2. I am commenting on blogs and have come to the top commentator list on some blogs, so I have got the hompage link after coming to the top commentator list on their blog. Once getting the top commentator list I get the backlink from each post. But this is not stable as we can not get always top commentator list on their blog.
Well I have not update my all links that I have made for my blogspot blog. My blogspot blog already gained 12000 backlinks. I can replace my blogspot blog url with this new work at home blog url on some community or forum that I have joined, but I did not want to do it fast, as it might look spam for search engine. So let build link slowly, so that everything look natural for search engine.

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