19 July 2012

Microsoft Windows 8 Beta Free Download with New Features

Microsoft Windows Launches its new operating system in October 26 2012. Microsoft recently launched operating system was Windows 7, now Microsoft provides a new looking operating system to its consumers to used Windows 8 and replace this OS with previous Microsoft Operating Systems like: Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows Ubuntu, Windows Longhorn, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Windows 8 supports the latest Touch system like Apple's OS in iPad. Microsoft launches Windows Phone Operating System for Mobile Phones Last year. Windows 8 can install and used in Laptops, Desktop Computers and Tablets. All the Programs and Features are available at the Home Screen of Windows 8 just like Tiles that are same as in Windows Phone operating system used in Nokia Lumia Series.
Windows 8 also supports Mouse and Keyboards to operate the Operating System like Microsoft's previous versions of Windows. If the user wants to change the Tiles Windows Desktop screen into Microsoft Windows Desktop that was started since 1965 in the Windows Version, User should easily do this with the settings.

Some Windows 8 Wallpapers, Looks and styles are below.
Microsoft Windows 8 Free Download
Torrent ISO Image File [x86 or 32 + 64 Bit] Size: 3.90GB

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